Today’s English word of the day is: whimper. Keep reading to learn the meaning of ‘whimper’, hear the pronunciation, and read two examples of the vocabulary in use. With each English word of the day, I only focus on one definition. To see every meaning of the word, check out its entry in the Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries or in the Merriam-Webster Learner’s Dictionary.


Word of the Day: WHIMPER (Next Step English)


whimper: to make low, weak crying noises; to speak in this way


American English Pronunciation: /ˈwɪmpər/



😩:  Sorry if I’m a bit groggy. I hardly slept a wink. The baby was up wailing like a banshee half the night.


😟: I don’t envy you that! We’ve actually been pretty lucky with Matt lately. He might wake up whimpering a few times during the night, but it hasn’t been bad at all.




😳: Hey, your dog is whimpering. Do you think he’s hurt or something?


😅: No, no, no. He smells your chicken nuggets…



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And just for fun… An adorable whimpering bulldog. Poor little guy! 😄


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Definition source: Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries.

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