Today’s English word of the day is: DISMISSIVE. Keep reading to learn the meaning of ‘dismissive’, hear the pronunciation, and read an example dialogue. With each word of the day, I only focus on one definition. To see every meaning of the word, check out its entry in the Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries or in the Merriam-Webster Learner’s Dictionary.




dismissive (of someone/something): showing that you do not believe a person or thing to be important or worth considering


American English Pronunciation: /dɪsˈmɪsɪv/



😠: Don’t be so dismissive when the admin staff bring up their concerns at these meetings. It makes you look like a royal jerk.


🙄: But why do they even come to the office meetings? It’s not like they’re as important as us lawyers.


🤨: Let me tell you something, buddy. They are just as important to our team as “us lawyers”, and you need to be respectful. Capiche?



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Definition source: Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries.

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