Today’s English word of the day is: dejected. Keep reading to learn the meaning of ‘dejected’, hear the pronunciation, and read two examples of the vocabulary in use. With each English word of the day, I only focus on one definition. To see every meaning of the word, check out its entry in the Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries or in the Merriam-Webster Learner’s Dictionary.


Word of the Day: DEJECTED (Next Step English)


dejected: unhappy and disappointed


American English Pronunciation: /dɪˈdʒɛktəd/



🙂: How do your kids like preschool?


😊: They love it. Tommy gets a dejected look on his face when I drop him off, but his teachers say he starts playing and laughing within a few minutes.




😘: Stop looking so dejected! Most people would kill to get into Georgetown, and you’re pouting because you didn’t get into Oxford.


😔: Oh, I know it’s not the end of the world, but I really did have my heart set on Oxford. I’ve dreamed of going there since I was little.



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And just for fun… Allow me to introduce you to Bentley, the most dejected-looking little bulldog puppy ever!


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Definition source: Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries.

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