(informal) very excited or full of nervous energy, especially after having a lot of caffeine or sugar



Two Example Dialogues Using ‘Wired’


😩: These kids are wired! I can’t get them to even sit down, let alone go to bed!

😄: I feel your pain! I let my mom take my boys yesterday, and she let them eat sweets all day. They were bouncing off the walls until nearly midnight!


😯: Are you okay? Your hand is shaking.

😵: I’m just a bit wired. I drank too much coffee while I was studying, and it’s got me shaky.



Examples of ‘Wired’ from the News


“We embraced James’ task gladly. Because the caffeine-wired conversation which bore the Bread Talks brainchild into existence several months ago was all about this: sharing the joy and meaning we’d found in baking with others.”
– Taylor Plett and Margot Armbruster, “Tiny pies worth anticipating”, 8 September 2019


“Sure, energy drinks contain a lot of caffeine, which definitely contributes to that wired feeling.”
– Emma Betuel, “Negative Health Effects of Energy Drinks Can’t Be Linked to One Ingredient”, 12 March 2019



Special Notes on the Word ‘Wired’


I don’t know where this use of the word ‘wired’ comes from, but I like to think it has to do with electricity. Can you imagine an electrical wire vibrating with energy as a current runs through it? That’s kind of how I feel when I’m wired!



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Sources: Definition of ‘Wired’

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