well-heeled definition



(informal) having a lot of money



Two Example Dialogues Using ‘Well-Heeled’


🙂: Everyone gives me a lot of credit for starting my business, but the fact is that I had a pretty well-heeled start. My dad gave me half a million dollars when I finished my degree, and that took a lot of the risk out of the equation.

😮: Wow! I actually had no idea! What a lucky break!


😔: Erin and I get along great, but I’m nervous about meeting her folks. They’re pretty well-heeled, and I’m worried that they’re going to look down on someone like me.

🥰: What do you mean someone like you? You mean intelligent, kind, handsome, hilarious? You’re great, and if they don’t see that, they’re crazy.



Examples of ‘Well-Heeled’ from the News


“Frasers Hospitality Group is expanding in Germany to capture the growing number of well-heeled travelers in Europe’s largest economy.”
– Aw Cheng Wei, “Frasers Hospitality opens luxury hotel in Hamburg to lure well-heeled visitors to Germany”, 18 September 2019


“The district spends nearly $20,500 per student, more than any other district in a region flush with well-heeled public schools.”
– Debbie Truong, “Arlington schools were named best in Virginia, but a growing chorus of black parents is disrupting that narrative”, 22 September 2019



Special Notes on the Word ‘Well-Heeled’


In English, we have a lot of synonyms for ‘wealthy’ in addition to ‘well-heeled’. Here are just a few!


  • affluent
  • made of money
  • rolling in it
  • well off


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Pronunciation of ‘Well-Heeled’


/ˌwel ˈhiːld/




Sources: Definition of ‘Well-Heeled’

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