Even the most advanced learners have trouble with the word get in English. It’s one of the most difficult words in English because it has a huge number of distinct meanings. At the bottom of this post is a comprehensive exam where you can see how much you already know about get, and where you need to improve.


You can use get to talk about possession, obligation, understanding, arriving somewhere, etc. You can even use get to make threats! The word get forms part of many phrasal verbs in English, and part of many English idioms, too.


This is why I’ve created a free eBook for you on the many uses of the word get in English. You’ll learn 10 general uses of the word get, 10 phrasal verbs with get, and 30 idioms with get. For each usage of get, I’ve given you example sentences, too! The best part? This eBook is completely free when you join our email family! :o) I’m not offering this amazing resource anywhere else, this is just for Steppers.


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How much do you already know about the word get in English? I’ve created this 50-question exam so you can test your abilities. It’s not easy, so if you do well, you should be genuinely proud of yourself. If you don’t do well, don’t be discouraged! This exam will show you which usages, phrasal verbs, and idioms you need to work on. It’s a win-win situation.


1. How to Take This Exam: Closed Book or Open Book?


There are two ways you can take this test on get: closed book or open book.


a. Closed Book


Do you want to really test your mastery of the word get in English? Take this exam without consulting the eBook or any other resource. How well do you do?


If you get over 70%, you should be truly proud of yourself. If you get 100%, you should pop a bottle of bubbly and do a victory dance!


b. Open Book


If you’re just beginning to learn about get, I recommend you download the free eBook and use it as a resource as you take the exam. This will not help you test your current abilities, but it will help you learn and remember all these different uses of get. Instead of passively reading through the eBook trying to remember bits and pieces, taking this test with the eBook by your side will help all the uses of get stick in your mind.


Each exam question has a notation about which page in the eBook will help you. If you’re stumped, visit that page. :o)


After you take the exam open book, come back in a week and try the exam without the book to see how much you retained!


2. Earn Your Get Badge!


Taking a 50-question test on the word get is not easy. It takes patience and concentration. It takes dedication and a genuine desire to level up your English.


That’s why you deserve to be rewarded if you do well! If you earn 70% or higher on the exam, you are eligible for a personalized badge. Here are the eight levels of get badges. Which level are you aiming for?


Level 1 – Adept Apprentice (open book, 70 – 79% correct)

Level 2 – Judicious Journeyman (open book, 80 – 89% correct)

Level 3 – Canny Craftsman (open book, 90 – 99% correct)

Level 4 – Meticulous Master (open book, 100% correct)

Level 5 – Promising Padawan (closed book, 70 – 79% correct)

Level 6 – Valiant Vanguard (closed book, 80 – 89% correct)

Level 7 – Jaunty Jedi (closed book, 90 – 99% correct)

Level 8 – Peerless Paladin (closed book, 100%)


Unlock your own personalized badge to celebrate your achievement!





Can I try again for a higher level?

Of course!


If you qualify for a badge, write me and claim your badge. Qualifying for any of these badges is an accomplishment that you should be proud of!


But if you’re a Level 3 now, you can always come back when you’re ready and try for a higher level! Just because you receive a Level 3 badge today doesn’t mean that you can’t return and earn a Level 7 badge in the future! Or even a Level 8!


If you get 70% or higher, send me a private message on Twitter to claim your badge:


(1) telling me whether you took the test closed book or open book (be honest!),

(2) sending me a photo of your results, and

(3) saying whether you would like to receive your badge privately or with public recognition amongst our Twitter family.




What if I'm not on Twitter?


No worries!


Send an email to, and I’ll email you your badge!


3. The Ultimate Get Exam! Ready?


Are you ready to test yourself on the word get? As we say in English, let’s stop beating around the bush!


The test is divided into 7 sections:


Questions 1 – 10 = Fill in the Blank

Questions 11 – 15 = Select the Term that Matches the Definition

Questions 16 – 25 = Rephrase

Questions 26 – 30 = Identify How Get Is Being Used

Questions 31 – 40 = Choose the Most Appropriate Response

Questions 41 – 45 = True or False?

Questions 46 – 50 = Conjugate Get


I’ve embedded the exam here to make it easier for you, but if you prefer to take it in a bigger screen or print a hard copy, follow this link.


You can do it, Stepper!



Phew! You finished! High five!

Now don’t forget to message me on Twitter so you can get your badge! You earned it! :o)


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