Today, you’re going to learn seven adjectives for plants in English. Most of these adjectives can be used to describe other things, as well.


Right now, Adrian and I are living with his mother, and there is a plant in her backyard that has captured my heart. In fact, it’s a weed! I don’t know what species it is, so I simply call it my “special weed.”


Every year, my special weed gets chopped down, and every year, it grows again! It’s a lush, verdant, mammoth, towering, robust, stubborn, resolute specimen of a weed! Before it gets chopped down this year, I wanted to do a short video as an “ode” to my special weed.


What is an ode?

Literally, an ode is a type of poem intended to praise a person or thing.

My video isn’t a poem, but it is intended to show my admiration for my special weed, so I have used the word ‘ode’ here figuratively.



Watch this video to meet my special weed and to learn what each of these seven adjectives means. Once you’ve mastered them, try our quiz to test your comprehension and cement the words in your mind.


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