someone who tries too hard to be successful at work or in school, always doing much more than is required



Two Example Dialogues Using ‘Overachiever’


😜: Don’t be such an overachiever, Larry! You can spare a few hours to come to the fair with us. You don’t have to spend the entire weekend with your head stuck in a book.

😬: This is important, Gus! You can slack off all you want, but I take this stuff seriously!


🙂: How is Michelle working out for you?

😐: She’s really nice and all, but I wish she were a little more of an overachiever. Our last associate was a powerhouse, and Michelle, well, she dawdles a lot. It takes her three times as long to get anything done.



Examples of ‘Overachiever’ from the News


“They are expected to use evidence of her eating disorder, her time on the cheerleading squad and track team, and her participation in the National Honor Society—evidence Richardson’s defense has used to paint her as a rule-abiding overachiever—as proof that she was preoccupied with maintaining her image.”
– Emily Shugerman, “Cheerleader Accused of Murdering, Burying Newborn Goes on Trial”, 3 September 2019


“It’s that persistent inability to be reassured by the evidence of your success and constant striving for more that is a sign of an insecure overachiever.”
– Clare Morgan, “Why even the most successful professionals feel insecure”, 9 September 2019



Special Notes on the Word ‘Overachiever’


‘Overachiever’ is obviously made by combining the preposition ‘over’ and the word ‘achieve’. Here are a few other words like that!


I’m afraid I overestimated my dieting willpower. I stayed overnight at Cici’s house, and we overindulged in chocolate ice cream. In fact, we ate so much that you might even say that we overdosed on it! The siren call of the cacao beans was overpowering! Whatever. Dieting is overrated.


Can you think of any others?


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