a cat that catches mice



Two Example Dialogues Using ‘Mouser’


😉: Pincy isn’t just a pretty face, by the way. She is a mouser par excellence.

😍: And a logophile! Who ever heard of a logophile cat?! Pincy really is the cat’s meow.


😬: We had no idea that Miss Flibble was pregnant when we adopted her. Now we’ve got a whole litter of future mousers pouncing around inside the stable. You wouldn’t be interested in adopting one, would you?

😍: Are you kidding me?! I’ll take two! Let’s go see them!



Examples of ‘Mouser’ from the News


“Battersea has jokingly offered to act as negotiator between any new four-legged resident at Number 10 and the current Chief Mouser, Larry’ — and such a role may well be necessary. Larry has a history of fighting cats from other government offices and scratching journalists. ”
– Andrew Kersley, “Will Larry cope with Dilyn in Downing Street? Here’s Battersea’s advice on introducing dogs and cats”, 2 September 2019


“Fletcher Pickles became more than a “mouser“, though. He came to represent the tasting room’s personality. He even got an Instagram account. He was a bonafide brand ambassador and the highlight for many visitors.”
– Elizabeth Depompei, “Hotel Tango has a new distillery cat. Meet Virginia Dill.”, 19 August 2019



Special Notes on the Word ‘Mouser’


Cats are the best, aren’t they?! Here are a few more words to help you talk about cats. If you get 100%, you are a cat vocabulary master!



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Pronunciation of ‘Mouser’






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