Whether you’re cuddled up with your sweetie pie, drooling over a Hollywood heart-throb, or crying your eyes out to Doctor Zhivago (okay, maybe that’s just me!), you’re going to need to know some love vocabulary in English. In fact, you’re going to need lots of it! That’s why I’ve created a 14-part series for you on love words in English. This is the first installment, where you’ll learn words for five different types of kisses.

BONUS VOCAB: heart-throb

heart-throb = a famous man, especially an actor or a singer, that a lot of women find attractive


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1. Smack


If you give someone a smack, you might be slapping them across the face. Or, you might be giving them a loud kiss!


This is not the most romantic type of kiss—in fact, I might give my brother a smack on the cheek if I’m excited to see him—but it’s certainly enthusiastic!


Example sentence:

I’ll never forget when Roger came home from the War. He ran up to me and gave me a smack on the lips in front of the whole village!


2. Peck


If a smack is a loud, enthusiastic kiss, a peck is just the opposite. A peck is a quick, almost impersonal kiss.


You might give your grandmother a peck on the cheek when you see her, or you might give your spouse a peck instead of a passionate kiss if you’re annoyed with them or hurrying to go somewhere. In countries where kissing on the cheek is a customary greeting, those kisses are pecks.


In this clip from Seinfeld, Elaine and Jerry are discussing two different types of kisses she’s received from a man at the gym. Normally, they just peck. But this time, he’s given her an open-lipped kiss (with moisture!), and it’s making her think that he might be interested in her romantically. When they were just pecking, she didn’t think that.



Example sentence:

If I were lucky enough to be married to Patti, I wouldn’t just give her a peck on my way out the door in the morning. I’d press my lips against hers for a full five minutes!


3. Eskimo Kiss


One of my favorites types of kisses is the Eskimo kiss. An Eskimo kiss actually doesn’t involve the lips at all. In an Eskimo kiss, people gently rub the tips of their noses together. This is an incredibly sweet, affectionate type of kiss. It’s not sexual, it’s just loving.


My mother sometimes gave me Eskimo kisses when I was a little girl, and when my husband is feeling particularly sweet, he’ll press his forehead against mine and give me an Eskimo kiss. I love Eskimo kisses!




Example sentence:

I don’t want to give you my cold. How about I give you an Eskimo kiss instead of a regular kiss this time?


4. Butterfly Kiss


Like Eskimo kisses, butterfly kisses don’t actually involve the lips. To give someone a butterfly kiss, you hover your eye close to the other person, then blink so that your eyelashes flutter against their skin. It gives the other person the delicate sensation of a butterfly’s wings flapping against their skin.


This is another sweet, playful way to give someone a kiss.


Example sentence:

Hector didn’t mean to propose just then, but he was overcome with emotion as they lay there under the stars and she tickled his arm with butterfly kisses.


5. French Kiss


While some of the types of kisses above aren’t necessarily romantic or sexual, French kisses definitely are. A French kiss is an open-mouthed kiss where the tongues touch. A French kiss is always romantic and can be quite erotic.


erotic = showing or involving sexual desire or pleasure


Most people remember their first French kiss, and I certainly remember mine. It was in Zack’s basement, and I remember it like it was yesterday, even down to the grey tee shirt I was wearing and the faded posters on the walls.


Here is Rimmer recounting the story of his first French kiss, from the British show Red Dwarf:



We can use this as a noun or as a verb. In casual conversation, you might also hear the word Frenching, which is a slang way of referring to French kissing.


Example sentences:

You call that a French kiss? That was more like a tonsil inspection! Go a little easy on me next time!

Of course I’m nervous about letting her go to the football game with Mike! I remember my high school days! I spent half of those games Frenching under the bleachers.


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