Welcome to Part 2 of this series on love words in English! We’re continuing today with six advanced English words about secret meetings for lovers! You’ll learn three advanced words for secret meetings between lovers, two words for secret places where lovers go to be together, and one advanced vocabulary word for a person who takes messages between two people who can’t see each other in person.




1. Tryst


A tryst is a secret meeting between lovers. It can be used as a noun or a verb.


BONUS VOCAB: A trysting place is what we call the place where lovers meet for a tryst.


Example sentences:

Why did you lie to me about where you were? I know you had a tryst with Carol in the park!

I always thought this grove had a romantic feeling to it. Did you know it was a trysting place in Victorian times?


2. Assignation


Assignation has exactly the same meaning as tryst. It is a secret meeting with a lover.


Example sentence:

The actress recently came forward claiming to have proof of her assignation with the Vice President last July. This should get interesting!


3. Rendezvous


Tryst and assignation both carry the idea that the meeting is secret and with a lover. Rendezvous is a more general term. It can refer to a meeting between lovers—the French sound of this word definitely gives it a certain romance—but it could also refer to a meeting with someone else. And a rendezvous isn’t a secret meeting. It could be a secret, but that’s not implied in the definition itself.


A rendezvous is an arrangement to meet someone at a particular place and time. We can make it clear from context whether we mean a romantic rendezvous or an ordinary meeting and whether it’s a secret or not.


This word can also function as a noun or a verb.


BONUS VOCAB: The place where people rendezvous is called the rendezvous point. This clip from The Scarlet Pimpernel is a great example of the term. Notice the focus on the rendezvous being at a particular place and time. In this case, they’re performing a rescue, not meeting a lover, but it gives you a good sense of the word.



Example sentences:

I might be late to the party. I’ve got a rendezvous with Sammie that I can’t miss.

Where is Greg? He was supposed to rendezvous with us here at midnight.



4. Go-Between


If you want to arrange an assignation with your sweetie pie, you may need a go-between! A go-between is someone who takes messages between one person and another. Specifically, a go-between takes messages between people who are unable to see each other in person.


So, if you ever find yourself in a star-crossed romance, you might ask one of your friends to serve as a go-between for you! This is one of my favorite love words in English.

BONUS VOCAB: star-crossed

star-crossed = unable to be happy because of bad luck or fate


BONUS VOCAB: procurer

procurer = a literary word for a pimp

BONUS VOCAB: panderer

panderer = a literary word for a pimp


Example sentence:

Before I came of age, my father forbade me from seeing Harry. I will never forget Lauren’s kindness serving as a go-between for us. That’s why I made her the maid of honor at our wedding.

BONUS VOCAB: come of age

come of age = to reach adult status (in the U.S., you come of age when you turn 18)


5. Love Nest


A nest is the structure a bird makes for laying its eggs and sheltering its young. A love nest is something else entirely, but the term still has a cozy feel that makes me smile.


A love nest is a house or an apartment where two people who are not married but who are having a sexual relationship can meet.




On my bucket list is spending a night at Langtry Manor Hotel in the U.K. Edward VII built it for his mistress, the actress Lillie Langtry, and the couple used it as a love nest! Can you imagine how romantic it would be to spend the night in the love nest of a king?


Example sentence:

Do you see that building? In my younger days, I kept the penthouse there as a love nest for me and your mother. That was before she finally agreed to marry me.


6. Lovers’ Lane


A lovers’ lane is similar to a love nest in that it’s a place where lovers can go to be together. However, a love nest is a house or an apartment. By contrast, a lovers’ lane is a secluded public place where it is popular for lovers to be together.


When I was in high school, lovers’ lane was in an office park. There was no security at night, and the office park had a pond bordered by weeping willows. Each willow created curtains to shade the lovers from view.


Less picturesquely, the parking lot behind a nearby construction warehouse was also a popular spot for a quick tumble in the back seat. 😏 Ah, youth!


Example sentence:

Hey, baby. Join me over at lovers’ lane tonight, and I’ll show you what a real man is like. Wait! Why are you running?! Come back!


Thanks for visiting!


I don’t know about you, but all this romantic vocabulary has put me in an amorous mood!


I’m a married woman now, but I’m wondering if I can persuade my hubby to pretend that we’re young star-crossed lovers meeting for a tryst in the woods near our house. 💘 Or perhaps we can imagine that our bedroom is a love nest that no one knows about but us! If I’m feeling this romantic on Day 2 of the series, I’ll be a regular Juliet by Day 14!


Thanks for coming back for Day 2 in this special series on love words in English! Tomorrow you’ll learn six more advanced vocabulary words related to love! Tomorrow’s vocabulary is some of the most advanced, but it’s also some of my favorite! See you then, Stepper!





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