I bet you already know the words for some popular Valentine’s Day gifts. A dozen roses, chocolates, a love letter. That’s great! This post is here to teach you five words you may not know. Some of them are literary, and some of them are in common use, but all of them will be sure to give you ideas to delight and impress your sweetheart. Keep reading to learn advanced English vocabulary for romantic Valentine’s Day ideas! (Or ideas for any other day!) These are the tactics of the truly ardent suitor!


ardent = very enthusiastic and showing strong feelings about someone/something


suitor = (old-fashioned or humorous) a man who wants to marry a particular woman


By the way, you’ve made it to the halfway point in this series on mastering advanced love words in English. Congratulations! These aren’t your average love words. These are advanced, expressive, interesting words that will delight the native speakers you meet. I hope you’ve enjoyed the words you’ve learned so far and that you’ll stick with us to the end!




1. Serenade


A serenade is a song sung by a man outside the window of the woman he loves, typically at night. We can also use this word as a verb.


I would have a very difficult time resisting a man who serenaded me! To me, this is the ultimate form of wooing!


woo someone = (old-fashioned or humorous) (of a man) to try to persuade a woman to love and marry him



Example sentence:

Trust me, my friend. No woman can resist a good, old-fashioned serenade. If that doesn’t open her heart to you, nothing will.



2. Billet-Doux


You probably already know the term love letter, and that’s the term you should use 9 times out of 10. However, if you want to be humorous or playful, you could use this term that we borrowed from French instead. A billet-doux is a literary term for a love letter.




Example sentence:

Has Carl mentioned a girlfriend to you? He’s been tight-lipped with me, but I found a billet-doux under his pillow. Oooh la la!


3. Nosegay


This is another literary term that we sometimes use humorously or playfully. A nosegay is a small bunch of flowers.




Example sentence:

I’ve never seen Toby so in love! He’s in the field gathering nosegays for his inamorata every weekend!


4. Bonbons


Bonbons are candies, especially ones with soft centers.



Example sentence:

Ply me with bonbons and billets-doux all you like, but it won’t do you any good! I’m in love with someone else!


ply someone with something = to keep giving someone large amounts of something, especially food and/or drink


5. Locket


The ardent suitor might win his lady’s affections by serenading her or giving her nosegays, but if he wants to give her something more lasting, he might choose to give her a locket. A locket is a piece of jewelry in the form of a small case that you wear on a chain around your neck and in which you can put a picture, a piece of hair, etc.




Example sentence:

I’ve worn this locket every day since Brett went off to war. His photo rests against my heart, and it makes me feel close to him.


Will you try any of these with your honeybun?


So, what do you think? Will you try gathering nosegays for your snookums? Will you write them a billet-doux? Or serenade them in the moonlight?


What is one romantic thing someone has done for you before? Share with us in the comments! We could all use more ideas for romancing our paramours!





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