Cleopatra, Mata Hari, Marilyn Monroe. Can you think any other irresistible women from the history books? These alluring women entrance us even today, but what vocabulary words can we use to describe them? Yesterday, we looked at six words for male seducers. In this installment of our series on mastering love words in English, you’re going to learn six colorful English words for irresistible women. So, light a candle, put on some mood music, and let’s get learning!

BONUS VOCAB: alluring

alluring = attractive and exciting in a mysterious way

BONUS VOCAB: entrance someone

entrance someone = to make someone feel great pleasure or admiration, to the point that they give someone/something all their attention

BONUS VOCAB: mood music

mood music = music intended to create a particular atmosphere, especially a romantic one




1. Seductress


Seductress is the female form of seducer. If you ask the dictionary, a seductress is a woman who persuades someone to have sex with her. In the popular imagination, though, a seductress is more than that. A seductress is an irresistible woman, someone who exudes charm and sexual energy, a woman that no man can resist.


Although many seductresses are physically beautiful, they don’t have to be. Some seductresses get their unique animal magnetism from other remarkable qualities. In fact, some successful seductresses from history were physically very unattractive.

BONUS VOCAB: animal magnetism

animal magnetism = a quality of extreme sexual attractiveness


My favorite seductress from history was considered ugly, in fact. Her name was Fanny Sweet, and she was a woman of the night in 19th-century New Orleans. Herbert Asbury describes her like this:



BONUS VOCAB: woman of the night

woman of the night = a euphemism for a prostitute


Example sentence:

You can call me a plain Jane all you like, but remember that some of history’s greatest seductresses were plain Janes like me. Looks aren’t the only thing that make a woman sexy.

BONUS VOCAB: plain Jane

plain Jane = (informal) an unattractive woman or girl


2. Enchantress


Of all the words on this list, I think I would most like to be called an enchantress. An enchantress is a woman that men find very attractive and interesting.


I love this word because, in fairy tales and fantasy stories, an enchantress is also a woman who has magic powers that she uses to control people.



So, when we call someone an enchantress nowadays, the idea is that the woman is so attractive and interesting that it’s like she’s put a magic spell on the men around her.


Example sentence:

Nelly is an enchantress without equal. Every word she utters is enthralling.

BONUS VOCAB: enthralling

enthralling = so interesting, beautiful, etc. that it attracts all your attention


3. Siren


Siren is another word that has its roots in stories. In Ancient Greek mythology, sirens were sea creatures who were part woman and part bird—or part woman and part fish—whose beautiful singing made sailors sail towards them into rocks or dangerous waters.


Because of that, when we call a woman a siren today, we are saying that she is a woman who is very attractive or beautiful but also dangerous.


Example sentence:

Those city sirens may tempt you, but don’t forget who you are. You could never be happy with one of them. Your heart is here in the mountains.



4. Temptress


A temptress is a woman who deliberately makes a man want to have sex with her. Whereas the damsel in distress is a poor, helpless woman who needs a man to rescue her, a temptress is the exact opposite. A temptress is in complete control of the situation, and men find themselves beggars at her feet.


Example sentence:

You know I can’t resist you, you temptress, especially when you’re wearing that blue dress of yours.


5. Femme Fatale


We borrowed the term femme fatale from French, and it literally means “deadly woman”. Like a siren, a femme fatale is a very sexy woman who brings men trouble or unhappiness. A femme fatale usually has a hidden purpose, and she uses her sexual charms to achieve that purpose. The femme fatale is a common stock character in movies. Although a femme fatale doesn’t have to look a certain way, I often picture her in a tight dress with a cigarette and red lipstick.




Example sentence:

She stepped into the room looking like a femme fatale from the 1930s, but behind her sultry exterior, she felt shy and nervous.


sultry = (of a woman or her appearance) sexually attractive


6. Jezebel


Jezebel is the name of an evil biblical queen. (She did not have a happy ending, though! She was defenestrated by eunuchs, and her corpse was eaten by dogs.) She has become associated with sexual immorality because of a verse that describes her as painting her face when her enemy came for her (2 Kings 9:30).

BONUS VOCAB: defenestrate someone

defenestrate someone = to throw someone out of a window


eunuch = a man who has been castrated

BONUS VOCAB: paint your face

paint your face = (literary) to put on make-up


Related: English Make-Up Vocabulary (Don’t worry. Wearing make-up isn’t a big deal today!)


In English, a Jezebel is a woman who is thought to be sexually immoral and unrestrained.


Jezebel is also the name of one of my favorite songs! Here are two versions. The first is performed by Desi Arnaz as part of the I Love Lucy show, and you can turn on the closed captioning to see the lyrics, which will give you a good sense of what we mean today when we call someone a Jezebel. (You can also see Lucy’s hilarious antics towards the end!) The second version is my favorite version, performed by The Reverend Horton Heat.




Example sentence:

Keep that Jezebel away from my son! He’s had his heart broken too many times by women like her!


What’s next?


Thanks for checking out these different advanced vocabulary words for irresistible women in English!


If my husband is reading this, please note that I would like for you to call me an enchantress next time we go on a date! 😘


Tomorrow marks the halfway point in this challenge to help you become a master of English love vocabulary, and we’re going to be looking at 5 tactics of the ardent suitor! See you then!




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