We’ve looked at all types of love words in English as part of this 14-day challenge, from terms of endearment to words for irresistible women. The one thing we haven’t talked about yet is cuddling! But that’s about to change. In today’s post, we examine 5 cozy English synonyms for ‘cuddle’. From nuzzling to spooning, this post has you covered! And scroll down to the end to read about one of my most embarrassing stories, which involved cuddling. (Eek!)


cozy = warm, comfortable, and safe, especially because of being small or confined (like a cozy cabin in the woods)




1. Snuggle


Snuggle means to get into a warm, comfortable position close to someone else.


We also sometimes say snuggle up, and the meanings are identical, although the prepositions change. We snuggle with someone/something or snuggle up to someone/something. We can also use snuggle by itself, as in, “Let’s snuggle!”




Example sentence:

I love the winter! There’s nothing nicer than snuggling with my sweetheart in front of the fire while we watch the snow come down outside.



2. Nestle


This next cuddle synonym is similar to snuggle. If you nestle someone/something, you hold someone/something in a comfortable position in a warm or soft place. We always follow this with an adverb/preposition.




Example sentences:

I nestled my head in her lap while we watched the movie.

Kyle nestled the kitten against his chest.


3. Bear Hug


If you bear hug someone, you show affection for them by holding them strongly and tightly in your arms.


We can also use this as a noun, in which case you give someone a bear hug.




Example sentence:

He was bear hugging me so tightly that I could barely breathe! I had no idea he’d be so happy to see me!


4. Nuzzle


Of all the cuddle synonyms on this list, nuzzle makes me smile the most. When you nuzzle someone, you push against them with your nose or mouth to show affection. Cats do this all the time, but people do it, too!




Example sentence:

You always nuzzle me in your sleep. It’s adorable!


5. Spoon


When you spoon someone, you lie down close to someone with your stomach pressed against their back.




This word comes from the image of two spoons resting against each other in the drawer. Can you see why?




Example sentence:

On Saturday morning, after a long week of work, all I want to do is stay in bed spooning and reminiscing about our adventures together.

BONUS VOCAB: reminisce

reminisce = to think, talk, or write about a happy time in your past


Do you want to hear one of my most embarrassing stories?


As many of you know, my gorgeous hunk of a husband is Latin. Although he’s fully bilingual, his first language was Spanish, and we often speak in Spanish together. Of course, I am decidedly not bilingual, and oftentimes, I will guess a word in Spanish by saying an English word with a Spanish accent. Believe it or not, this works a good percentage of the time! Just last night, it worked with the word artefact, which is artefacto in Spanish.


hunk = (informal) a man who is big, strong, and sexually attractive


Well, as you can imagine, this doesn’t always work. For example, preservatives in English are a type of fruit jam that we commonly have with breakfast.




But in Spanish, preservativos are condoms. (And yes, I found that out the hard way.)




Well, my mishaps with cognates don’t end there. Adrian and I took our first vacation together in Costa Rica. It was Valentine’s Day, and we were sitting in an open-air cantina in a small mountain village. We were the only tourists there, and the mood was calm and blissful. Our bodies were sore after hours of horseback riding in the rain, and I couldn’t wait to get back to our hotel and snuggle under a blanket.


I sighed loudly and looked to my sweetheart and said, “Ay, mi amor. No veo la hora de cudlear contigo.” The whole restaurant stopped talking and looked at us. Adrian looked like he wanted to crawl under the table. What I had intended to say was, “Ah, my love. I can’t wait to cuddle with you.” However, cudlear wasn’t one of those magic cognates like artefacto. My fake word, cudlear, sounded like culear to everyone in the room, which is a vulgar slang term for having sex! 😲


So, in this rural cantina, what I actually said (unintentionally) in a loud, enthusiastic voice was, “Ah, my love. I can’t wait to f*** you!”







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