When it comes to the birds and the bees, we don’t always speak in the most direct way in English. We have countless sex euphemisms that we can use instead! Keep reading to get a refresher about what a euphemism is, and then learn five funny sex euphemisms in English! I hope they make you laugh!

BONUS VOCAB: the birds and the bees

the birds and the bees = the basic facts about sex





Ummmm… What is a euphemism?


A euphemism is an indirect word or phrase that people often use to refer to something embarrassing or unpleasant. In English, it sometimes sounds harsh to use the direct word for things like death, health issues, etc., so using euphemisms softens the tone when we want to be more gentle. Here are a few common euphemisms in English:


Direct: Lucy died last night.
Euphemism: Lucy passed away last night.


Direct: I think I saw George with a prostitute.
Euphemism: I think I saw George with a lady of the night.


Direct: Cheryl is rather fat.
Euphemism: Cheryl is rather full-figured.


Direct: Tom is unemployed right now.
Euphemism: Tom is between jobs right now.


So, when I say this post is going to look at sex euphemisms, it means that we’re going to look at ways to talk about sex without actually saying…sex! (Gasp.) All of these are appropriate in polite conversation, and only #2 is intended to be humorous. (The rest just make me giggle because they’re so indirect.)


1. Sleep Together


This one always makes me laugh, and it’s one of the most common sex euphemisms in English.


That’s right, sleeping together means having sex (especially with someone you’re not married to). (As if anyone is sleeping! Ha!)


We often use this euphemism to talk about an ongoing sexual relationship. For example, if we say that Diana and Joe are sleeping together, we don’t mean that they are having sex right in this moment. Instead, we mean that they have a relationship where they are having sex on a regular basis.


Example sentence:

Everyone knows that Chris and the boss are sleeping together. That’s why he got that promotion last month.


2. Know Someone in the Biblical Sense


If you know someone in the biblical sense, you have had sex with them. This euphemism is always intended to be humorous.


You may wonder what the Bible has to do with it, but it comes down to a translation decision in traditional English translations of the Bible, like the King James Bible. For instance, let’s look at this verse from the Old Testament:


“And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain…”
-Genesis 4:1


I don’t think Eve conceived a son over a cup of coffee. Know here clearly refers to having sex.


Example sentence:

I do know Emily! Not in the biblical sense, of course. We’re just friends.



3. Do It


If you’ve been following this love words series, you’ll recognize this common sex euphemism from Day 8! (Don’t remember? Check it out here to listen to one of my favorite jazz songs, Let’s Do It.)


Doing it is a slang euphemism that means, again, having sex.


Let’s Do It is far from the only song to use this euphemism. More recently, the chorus in The Bad Touch repeats, “You and me, baby, ain’t nothing by mammals, so let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.”



Example sentence:

I can’t believe you threw a party in our house while we were away! The thought of a bunch of sweaty teenagers doing it on my priceless Persian rugs is enough to make me vomit!


4. Go All the Way


Guess what going all the way means? You guessed it! Having sex!


This euphemism for having sex has its roots in the broader baseball-related slang for having sex in the U.S.




These terms are all informal, but they’re also extremely common. It’s the main way that teenagers refer to sexual acts, and it’s common amongst adults, too.


Example sentence:

How did your date with Hector go? Did you guys go all the way?


5. Have Relations


Having relations also means… having sex!


Whereas the baseball terms for sex are informal, this is the most formal sex euphemism on this list. In addition to hearing this in conversation, you might also here this in a legal setting, for example.


Example sentence:

Is it true, Mr. Hardy, that you had relations with this woman while she was in your employ?


Bye for now, pumpkin!


Thank you for reading this post on sex euphemisms in English! Next time you don’t want to mention sex directly, you can try one of these out. I hope you enjoyed it, and see you again tomorrow for five English words for flirts!





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