Define Loaded



(not before noun) (informal) very rich



Two Example Dialogues Using ‘Loaded’


😫: I wish we could go to the beach this year, but the hotels there are getting so expensive!

😜: Let’s invite Onin and get her to pay for it. She’s loaded, so a few nights in San Sebastián is pocket change for her!


🙄: Good grief. Greg and Tammy are loaded, but they cry poormouth all the time.

😑: Tell me about it. They pull in over half a million dollars a year, but to hear them talk, you’d think they were teetering at the brink of poverty.



Examples of ‘Loaded’ from the News


“Hot-footing it to Wales to meet the family and discover more, Tim can’t believe his luck when they pull up at a grand old manor house. Not only might Tim be British, but it looks like he’s also loaded!”
–, Synopsis of Jerk, Series 1, Episode 4, 25 March 2019


“Simon Cowell admits to still buying lottery tickets despite being loaded — we reveal how much money he’s got in the Big Five.”
–, “Thursday: Simon Cowell still buys lottery tickets”, 5 May 2011



Special Notes on the Word ‘Loaded’


‘Loaded’ can mean a lot of things in addition to “very rich”.


If a gun is loaded, it has bullets in it (as opposed to being empty).


If Onin got loaded last night, she got very, very drunk.


A loaded question is a question that implies a controversial assumption, or a question that is intended to be confrontational or trick someone into saying something that they don’t really agree with. (The typical example of a loaded question is, “When did you stop beating your wife?” The question is hard to answer if you never actually beat your wife.)


I hope these different meanings give you an extra appreciation of this fun English word!


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