You’ve now learned 10 synonyms for ‘go away’, but will you remember them if you hear them in conversation? Rock star English listening is about processing the sounds you hear, but it’s also very much about understanding the vocabulary people are using when they speak. In this set of mini-dictations, you will work on your ear, and you will practice your new vocabulary! 💪🤓💪 Are you ready?




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Listen to the audios below, and write down what you hear on a sheet of paper. When you check your answers, pay special attention to the words you missed or didn’t know. Each small step makes you better!



GO AWAY! Dictation 1


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Sweetheart, go fly a kite. I am not interested in your meddling.

Bonus Vocab from Answer





GO AWAY! Dictation 2


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My boss is coming! Make yourself scarce! He can’t know I let you in!


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GO AWAY! Dictation 3


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Good grief. Tell that friend of yours to scram. He’s a pest.



GO AWAY! Dictation 4


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Get lost. I told you I don’t want to buy anything.


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GO AWAY! Dictation 5


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Your train is pulling in in 5 minutes! Scoot, or you’re going to miss it!



GO AWAY! Dictation 6


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I’d love to stay and chat, but I’ve got to vamoose. My parents are coming over for dinner, and I’ve got to tidy up.

Bonus Vocab from Answer




GO AWAY! Dictation 7


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You know what? I’ve had enough of your shenanigans. Take a hike!

Bonus Vocab from Answer



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GO AWAY! Dictation 8


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You rascal! You cad! Never darken my door again!

Bonus Vocab from Answer


Bonus Vocab from Answer




GO AWAY! Dictation 9


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Let’s skedaddle before Rodrigo shows up. He’s completely insufferable with all that boasting and bragging.

Bonus Vocab from Answer


Bonus Vocab from Answer




GO AWAY! Dictation 10


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Hey, beat it. Only adults are allowed here after dark.



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