Fall words, here we come! In the northern hemisphere, autumn is upon us. And here in Virginia, our vast deciduous forests are casting aside their emerald hues for a riot of reds, yellows, and oranges. The heat of summer is giving way to sweater weather. And instead of ice cream and popsicles, people are cozying up with mugs of hot cider and slices of pumpkin pie. Autumn is a beautiful season, and if you’re not content to simply call it colorful or chilly, keep reading! In this post of autumn adjectives, we will explore 17 words to describe autumn. First, we will look at 7 words to describe fall weather, followed by 10 adjectives to describe autumn colors. Bundle up, and let’s start learning!

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Bonus Vocab: COZY UP


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Autumn Adjectives for the Weather


With the changing of the seasons comes the changing of the weather. We leave behind the sultry, sweaty days of summer and prance merrily into the type of weather that invites us to wear mittens and sip on hot cocoa. So, what kinds of adjectives can we use to describe this fresh, cool weather?

Bonus Vocab: SULTRY


Bonus Vocab: MITTEN



Fall Word 1: CRISP


If the air or the weather is crisp, it is pleasantly dry and cold. The crisp air is one of my favorite things about fall!


Fran: I love these crisp autumn days! It’s nice not to break out in a sweat every time I go outside.
Bob: I know what you mean. Summer was brutal this year!





Fall Word 2: NIPPY


If someone tells you it’s nippy outside, they mean that it is chilly or rather cold. This is an informal word.


This fall word comes from the verb nip, which means “to give someone/something a quick, painful bite or pinch”. So, when the weather is nippy, the idea is that the cold is biting or pinching you a little bit.


Iago: You might want to wear an extra layer. It’s a bit nippy out!
Helen: Thanks for the warning! I’ll pack my scarf, too.




Fall Word 3: BRACING


Fall is full of days with bracing weather. This is the type of cold weather that makes you feel full of energy.


Chad: There’s nothing I like more than a run in the bracing chill of October!
Javier: I can think of a few things I like more, and they’re not that healthy!




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This is a wonderful word, and you can use it for all kinds of things! If something is invigorating, it makes you feel healthy and full of energy.


A glass of sparkling water can be invigorating, a run can be invigorating, and a cool, fall day can also be invigorating!


Gwen: I should visit you more often. I love this invigorating mountain air.
Bruce: It is nice, isn’t it?




Fall Word 5: BREEZY


A breezy day is a pleasantly windy day.


Alicia: You might want to put your hair in a bun or something. It’s breezy out today!
Shana: Wonderful! I love those days!




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Fall Word 6: BLUSTERY


Not all windy autumn days are breezy, though. If an autumn day is full of strong winds, you would call that a blustery day.


Harry: Can we skip our stroll today? I’d love to catch up, but it’s so blustery out.
Martin: I’m with you on that. How about we catch up over coffee instead?




For those of you who are Disney fans, you may recognize this word from Winnie the Pooh!



Fall Word 7: BRISK


If the wind or the weather is brisk, it is cold but pleasantly fresh.


Sylvia: The forecast says it will be brisk today, so let’s remember to take jackets when we go out.
Eileen: Thanks for checking on the weather! I always forget to do that.




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Autumn Adjectives for the Changing Leaves


With the changing weather comes the most iconic aspect of the fall: the glorious changing of the leaves!


Fall Word 8: VIVID


Autumn leaves are vivid! This means that their colors are very bright.


Tony: The oak in your yard is so vibrant! I can’t believe how red the leaves are!
Peyton: I love it, too. Looking out at it every morning is my favorite thing about the fall.




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Fall Word 9: ARRESTING


One advanced English word that you might use to describe fall foliage is arresting. Something that is arresting is very attractive and/or attracts a lot of attention.


This autumn adjective comes from the verb arrest, which can mean, in a formal sense, “to make someone notice something and pay attention to it”.


Yolanda: You won’t find a better location than this. You’re five minutes from downtown, but look at the arresting views you get from the bedroom.
Paula: Yeah, but it’s also $100,000 over my budget. Why are you even showing me this property?






Do you know what a kaleidoscope is? It’s this thingy! 👇




So, when you say that something is kaleidoscopic, you’re saying that it has complex (and changing) patterns of color. This definitely applies to forests full of fall leaves, don’t you think?


Henry: I love the kaleidoscopic change these woods go through in autumn.
Ellen: That’s one of the things I miss most about living on the East Coast. We don’t have many trees around here.




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Fall Word 11: SPLENDID


You can use this vocabulary word to describe a lot of different things, but it certainly applies to the brilliant colors of fall leaves! Something that is splendid is very beautiful and/or very impressive.


Dawn: I’m so glad we decided to take this walk.
David: I agree! These leaves are splendid!




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Fall Word 12: VIBRANT


No list of autumn adjectives would be complete without the word vibrant. Vibrant colors are very bright and strong.


Rory: What is the fall like where you live?
Sean: We don’t have all these changing leaves. Honestly, I had no idea they’d be so vibrant!




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This is the least common fall word on this list. It’s formal, and you see it most often in literature. (But you might also see it on the IELTS or TOEFL!)


If something is resplendent, it is brightly colored in an impressive way.


Daniel: Banishment is a cruel fate. How I long to see the resplendent trees of autumn hugging the hills of my homeland.
Matt: You’re not banished, you know. This isn’t the Middle Ages. You’re just in a spat with your wife, which is a different thing altogether. You can fly home whenever you want.




Fall Word 14: RUSSET


This autumn adjective describes a specific color that you often see as fall leaves change from red to brown.


Something that is russet is reddish-brown in color.


John: Ah, Autumn! There’s no sound like the crunch of russet leaves underfoot!
Michael: Haha! You’re waxing rather poetic today!




Fall Word 15: SAFFRON


By contrast, a saffron leaf would be bright orange-yellow in color.


Debbie: If you’ve never been to Ontario in September, you’re really missing something. The streets are covered in freshly fallen saffron leaves. You feel like you’re in another world.
Lee: It sounds beautiful. We’ll have to make it up there next year to see that.




Fall Word 16: SCARLET


…And a scarlet leaf is bright red in color. Gorgeous!


Patti: Look! My lipstick matches the leaves!
Walter: You’re right. Both are scarlet, and stunning!




Fall Word 17: FLAMING


I saved one of the best autumn adjectives for last! Flaming means “bright red or orange in color“, likes the flames of a fire.


Susan: What gorgeous, flaming leaves! We’re so lucky to be here when the leaves are in full splendor!
Lauren-Claire: Fall leaves really are one of nature’s miracles!




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