English Gifts + Goodies

Here are a few of my favorite English gift ideas.

Whether they’re for your favorite word nerd—or for yourself 😁—these will be sure to delight the logophile in your life.

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There are few places on earth that make me as happy as the library. To me, a library is like a temple for books! These socks will help you bring the magic of libraries with you throughout the day.

Take a stroll down Memory Lane with these nostalgic library socks. They will bring a smile to your face every time you catch a glimpse of them!

I don’t know about you, but I love to study by candlelight. It helps me imagine that I’m a young scholar from the age of Shakespeare, and for some reason, that helps me focus. (Even when it doesn’t help me focus, it makes me happy, and that’s more important!)

Get in the mood with this Shakespeare candle from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild. I have one in my study, and I absolutely adore it!


This is the book I wish I’d had years ago. If you are serious about mastering the English language, then you need to focus on how to learn English, not just what to learn in English. This book provides a system that won’t let you down.

Buy How To English by Adam Broughton. You won’t regret it!

I first bought these temporary Jane Austen tattoos for my sister’s bachelorette party, and they remain one of the most popular gag gifts I have ever given. (In fact, I bought another set for myself, and I wear them all the time! They really make me chuckle!)

Get these temporary Jane Austen tattoos for neverending giggles. Each tattoo is different, so they’ll never grow boring!

Bananagrams is one of my all-time favorite word games. I play it with my friends, and with my students, and everyone loves it. It’s competitive, and it will help you access vocabulary that you haven’t used in ages…all in the pursuit of victory!

Buy Jumbo Bananagrams. It’s the perfect quirky gift for English nerds!

Are you looking for a gift for the literary badass in your life? This scarf highlights the names of famously banned books, and it’s made beautifully, to boot!

Look like a million bucks in this banned books scarf, and add some verve to your autumn wardrobe!

If the bookworm in your life has a sense of humor, these literary coasters are sure to delight. They’re excellent quality—nice and heavy—and the one inspired by the Odyssey made me laugh out loud.

Get these fantastic book-themed coasters from The Amygdalab! They’ll add flair and giggles to any coffee table.

Are you eager to learn about the world as you learn English? If you’re a native Spanish speaker, English on the Go by Vaughan Radio’s Alberto Alonso is your book. Travel to London, New York, Sydney and more while you grow your English. Woohoo!

Pack your bags and feed your wanderlust with English on the Go by Alberto Alonso.

One fantastic way to bring your favorite book to life is to try recipes inspired by that book. If you’re a bookworm and a foodie, this cookbook could be just what Dumbledore ordered!

Bring out your inner wizard in the kitchen with The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook. Om nom nom!

Is there anything more divine than sitting down to read a good book with a hot cup of tea? Make it all the more wonderful by making that tea…literary!

Warm your bones and indulge your inner bookworm with Novel Teas.

You need socks anyways, so why not show off your personality with these knee-high women’s Jane Austen socks? They may even bring you some luck on your next English exam.

Show off your literary pride with these rockin’ Jane Austen socks. You may even make a friend if another book nerd catches a glimpse of them!

Scattergories is one of those games that I just can’t get bored of. It’s so much fun, whether you’re an English learner or a native speaker. You will grow your vocabulary, and you’ll have a great time doing it.

Make your English journey fun with Scattergories, one of the best word games on the planet!

Hot chocolate is good, but do you know how to make it great? A snazzy literary mug! This mug is covered with famous first lines from literature. Do you know them all?

Buy this bookish mug, and start your morning off right!

Do you know a bookworm who appreciates a good pun? They won’t like this shirt…they will love it! (In fact, I love this shirt so much that it is on my own birthday list!)

Snag this hilarious Jane Austen shirt for a friend—or for yourself. Lots of smiles guaranteed!

You don’t need to travel to distant lands to send a postcard to your best friend. In fact, what better way to put a smile on someone’s face than sending them a surprise postcard for no reason at all? This book-inspired stationery set will encourage you to do just that!

Get your own set of bookworm postcards. They’ll encourage you to write more, and your friends and family will love receiving them!

If I win the lottery, I am going to buy every single candle manufactured by Frostbeard Studios. They make candles for bookworms, and this is one I’m dying to try. …And not only because I love the scents of basil, lavender, and thyme. This candle celebrates Outlander, and anything that celebrates Outlander is welcome in my home!

Get your own Sassenach candle, and transport yourself to the Scottish Highlands.

This is special. If you want to go the extra mile for the word nerd you love, consider this luxury wooden Scrabble set. With a rotating board and high-end finishes, this Scrabble set will add a touch of class to any game night. It’s gorgeous, it’s thoughtful, it’s classy, and it’s unique. What better gift for that special someone?

Get this luxury Scrabble set and wow that special English nerd in your life.

Sealing wax is romantic, it’s quirky, and it’s the perfect gift for English enthusiasts! Bring a bit of old-world charm to someone’s life with this unique gift idea.

Buy this complete sealing wax kit. It will be a favorite, without a doubt!

Sure, you can get by hosting a party with a cooler of beers, but why not add some wit and style to your next party with these literary cocktails? Whether it’s “A Cocktail of Two Cities” or “Crime and Punish-mint”, the drinks in this book will make you a host to remember.

Buy Tequila Mockingbird by Tim Federle, and slurp your way through the classics!

Add some bookish flair to your wardrobe with these library-themed socks! If you’ve got to wear socks, why not make them book socks?

Give your feet a treat with these book socks. You know you love them.

With the popularity of adult coloring books, why not look for one with a literary theme? This Edward Gorey coloring book is sure to delight kids and adults alike!

Get this Edward Gorey coloring book for some book nerd stress relief!

You know you’re an English nerd if you have an opinion on the Oxford comma. And if you are in the pro-Oxford-comma camp, you ought to preach it to the world! (I am militantly in favor of the Oxford comma, in case you were wondering. I may or may not be planning to get a full-back tattoo of the Oxford comma on my 80th birthday…)

Buy this Oxford comma mug, and show your English nerd pride!

There are few authors I love as much as Tolkien, and in my opinion, you can never go wrong with Lord of the Rings gear. If you go silly, you might get a pair of self ears, but if you want to go elegant, this shawl is perfect.

Buy this Middle Earth map shawl for yourself or your favorite book nerd. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?

Muses come in many forms. Personally, the music of Loreena McKennitt is the best thing for helping me focus and getting my creative juices flowing. If you’re looking for magical music to help you focus on your English, I can’t recommend this CD highly enough!

Buy An Ancient Muse by Loreena McKennitt, and let her magical voice transform your studies.

No one could quite dish out an insult like the Bard, and with this shirt, you will be a walking Shakespearean insult generator! Why would you call someone a jerk when you could take a quick glance at your shirt and call them a “droning beetle-headed codpiece”?

Buy this Shakespearean insult shirt, and cut your enemies with your rapier wit!

Transport yourself to Baker Street with this literary candle. Smelling of cherrywood, tobacco, and rain, this candle was designed by Frostbeard Studios to make you feel like you’ve stepped into the study of the famous Sherlock Holmes.

This Sherlock-themed candle is a great buy, right? Elementary, my dear English learner!

Are you up for an English challenge? Try out this face-paced game that forces you to dig deep into your vocabulary and think on your feet! I play it with my students all the time as a warm-up, and they love it!

Buy 5-Second Rule to push the limits of your English!

Do you enjoy going out into the cool night air with your English journal, to write under the moonlight? If so, you’ll want to keep your hands warm, and there is no more charming way to do it than with these writing gloves straight out of Avonlea.

Buy these Anne of Green Gables fingerless writing gloves, and keep your hands warm while you practice your English!

One of the most colorful characters in The Canterbury Tales is the Wife of Bath. Bring this red-stockinged woman into your own bath with this playful literary soap! A fun and useful gift for word nerds!

Get your Wife of Bath soap, and make Chaucer a part of your morning routine.

I used to proudly call myself a bookworm…until I saw this shirt! If you’re a proud book dragon, too, this could be the perfect shirt for you! Wear it with pride, my friend!

Get your book dragon tee shirt, and let everyone know that you’re a proud English nerd!

Any Game of Thrones fan knows the phrase “Winter is coming”. Bring Westeros into your kitchen with this cheeky House Stark apron. Just make sure to use your best Sean Bean voice if you read the words of your new apron out loud.

Get your Game of Thrones apron in time for your next big family get-together!

When you’re learning English, idioms can be fiendishly difficult. One great way to remember them is to learn the stories behind how they came into English in the first place. Learning those stories can also give you something interesting to talk about, since even native speakers don’t know the origins of most idioms.

Buy Hair of the Dog to Paint the Town Red by Andrew Thompson to become an expert in some of the most common idioms in the English language!

I’m a huge fan of magnetic poetry kits. You never know which thoughts will end up dancing across your refrigerator. Magnetic poetry can also be a fun way to send playful messages to the people you live with…what’s not to love?

Buy the Edgar Allan Poe magnetic poetry kit, and turn your kitchen into an English playground!

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