This is a guest post by B and V, the best friends and Oreo aficionados behind the We Rate Oreos blog.

B and V blog about Oreo cookies, but they’re here today to help you learn English vocabulary through Oreos! What follows is a typical We Rate Oreos blog post—B and V will discuss and rate the special edition Easter Egg Oreos—but you will also get lots of vocabulary “Easter eggs” throughout the post, with a vocabulary review checklist at the end.


Do you play video games? In gaming, an Easter egg is an unexpected or undocumented feature in the game that people can find and enjoy as a bonus. Here, you’ll be reading a post about Easter Egg Oreos, but you’ll get some vocab “Easter eggs” along the way! A fun, unexpected treat! 🥚💝


Learn English Vocabulary with Easter Egg Oreos



Hello! This is our first English as a Second Language celebrity post and we could not be more excited if we were awarded a swimming pool filled with Oreo creme! Each month, we look at a different flavor of Oreo cookies. The best Oreos are so good we would buy them again on the black market when they are off the shelves.


Celebrity Slang Meaning


Black Market Meaning

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Easter Egg Oreos: Let’s Talk about Easter Eggs!


Why do we celebrate Easter, a predominantly Christian holiday, with eggs? Eggs are a universal symbol for new life, dating back to pre-colonial pagan traditions of welcoming the spring. Every Easter Sunday, people all over the world celebrate new life by coloring eggs, holding Easter egg hunts, or placing eggs in decorative Easter baskets. Nabisco is celebrating the spring with their lovely Easter Egg Oreos (released March 2019). No matter who you are or where you come from, we hope these cookies will inspire hope and new beginnings for you!

We are B and V and WE RATE OREOS!


Predominantly Meaning


Easter Egg Oreo Ratings

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Easter Egg Oreos: Flavor Creativity


V- The Easter Egg Oreos are a combination of vanilla creme and golden cookies. The flavor profile is a classic Nabisco combo. While the flavors may not be as creative as the Carrot Cake or Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Oreos, the more conventional flavors make these cookies especially family friendly. I have no doubt they appeared in Easter baskets all over the world this year.


B- Flavor-wise, it has been done. But the Easter theme is relevant so I would say the relevance here definitely makes up for a lack of creativity. Besides—if it’s good, it’s good. Classics are good for a reason!


Flavor Profile Meaning


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Easter Egg Oreos: Flavor Execution


B- The package says they are golden cookies with original creme filling. TBH, they taste sweeter than original creme filling. Either that or I need to re-try the golden Oreos. What they do taste like, though, are sugar cookies. Thumbs up on taste.


V- They are well-executed. They taste like Easter! The creme is especially sweet with respect to the vanilla, which is appropriate for a holiday that encourages sugar indulgence after weeks of fasting.




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Easter Egg Oreos: Do They Sparkle?


V- Yes! Absolutely! The aesthetics of these cookies make them truly special. Easter Egg Oreos are oval-shaped, pastel pink, and have Easter-themed designs on them. They look like delicately colored eggs.


B- 100 percent. I was most impressed that they actually altered the cookies’ shape! Instead of the traditional circle cookie we have come to know and love, these cookies are ovoid. If the pattern on the cookies didn’t represent Easter eggs already – the shape really exemplified it!


Pastel Meaning


Ovoid Meaning


Exemplify Meaning


Easter Egg Oreo Ratings

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Easter Egg Oreos: Pairing


B- TBH, I’d pair them with anything. Sugar cookie is such a universally good taste that I could drink them with a hot beverage, a cold beverage, or hell, even after my sack-lunch sandwich with a juice box.


V- The Easter Egg Oreos are the sweetest Oreos I’ve tasted. Pairing them with a dessert wine or a sugary drink would be disastrously overwhelming. Instead, try a bitter coffee or tea to balance the flavors. One dunk could even help you sweeten your drinks!


Sack Lunch Meaning


Easter Egg Oreos: Buy Again?


V- I really would! I love the sweetness. From Carrot Cake to Easter Egg, Oreos do not mess around when it comes to Easter flavors!


B- We did buy these again. And we would a third time.


Mess Around Phrasal Verb Meaning


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Final Thoughts


B- These were surprisingly good. I always expect the holiday ones to be boring, but these impressed me.


V- Why are these so awesome? They’re so simple!


Easter Egg Oreo Ratings

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Vocabulary Review


We Rate Oreos Vocabulary Checklist


1. Celebrity (adj) (slang as an adj) – To perform an action as a guest
Example – I had to go to the bathroom, so my friend took a celebrity turn for me while I was gone.

2. Black Market (n) – Unofficial market often used to buy rare products obtained by unethical means
Example – We avoid the black markets and buy our Oreos at the supermarket.

3. Predominantly (adv) – Primarily or for the most part
Example – The mother cat’s kittens were predominantly gray with stripes.

4. Flavor Profile (n) – The multiple flavors in food or drink that, together, create a specific taste
Example – The tacos have a spicy flavor profile from the chilies and hot peppers!

5. Indulgence (n) – Enjoyment of something in excess
Example – My favorite indulgence is the Mint Oreos. I always eat too many!

6. Pastel (adj) – Colors with a light hue
Example – The sky was a light, pastel blue.

7. Ovoid (adj) – Shaped like an egg
Example – The egg-shaped cookies are perfectly ovoid!

8. Exemplify (v) – To be a great example of
Example – The cat exemplifies feline sophistication!

9. Sack Lunch (n) – A simple lunch that is easy to transport in a container
Example – I take a sack lunch with a sandwich, chips, and an apple to school every day.

10. Dunk (v) – To dip a food item into a drink, sauce, or soup before eating it
Example – I always dunk my Oreos in milk before eating them.

11. Mess Around (v) (slang) – To act silly or immature
Example – Why are you throwing Oreos at me? Stop messing around!


Final Ratings!


Flavor Creativity   

Oreos Rating 3


Flavor Execution    

Oreos Rating 5



Oreos Rating 5



Oreos Rating 5



Oreos Rating 4



Oreos Rating 4


Thank you for tuning in! Have a happy, healthy, and safe Easter season. Want more Oreos? Subscribe at the top of our blog to receive email updates, and follow us on Instagram at @werateoreosbv.




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