come-hither meaning



(only before noun) (of someone’s expression) appearing to be trying to attract someone sexually



Two Example Dialogues Using ‘Come-Hither’


😳: I am so confused. My professor just gave me the most over-the-top come-hither stare. I thought he was married!

🙄: That old goat flirts with everyone. Just don’t go to his office hours alone, and you’ll be fine.


😑: I chickened out on asking Paula to the dance. I did give her my best come-hither face, though, and she looked at my like I was the creature from the black lagoon.

🤣: Haha! Let’s see that come-hither face of yours. Maybe we can improve upon it a little.



Examples of ‘Come-Hither’ from the News


“Sketchwriter Miriam Lord advises prospective ministers to steer well clear — ‘even if Biffo sidles over with a come-hither look and dangles the keys of a Mercedes under your nose, just say no.'”
– Fionola Meredith, “What the papers say”, 20 January 2011


“Even in rehearsals, he maintains a breathless, exuberant persona, bouncing on the balls of his feet and constantly pushing for every iota of tempo he can coax out of the players. His baton work isn’t fussy, and he maintains a pleasant but firm demeanor, occasionally throwing come-hither gestures and wagging eyebrows at different players to get a bit more sound.”
– Jeremy Reynolds, “The Conductor of PNC Park just had a day proclaimed in his honor”, 5 September 2019



Special Notes on the Word ‘Come-Hither’


This is an incredibly expressive and playful word in English, and it’s one that I truly love. Part of what makes this word fun is the fact that ‘hither’ is very, very old-fashioned.


Outside of ‘come-hither’, you only ever see ‘hither’ in old literature. It means “to this place”. So, ‘come-hither’ literally means “come to this place” or, more casually, “come here, you big, hot hunk of meat”. 😘


Aside from being a fun word, I also love this word because it features in one of my favorite songs, Frank Sinatra’s “Witchcraft”. In the song, he sings:


“Those fingers in my hair,
That sly, come-hither stare
That strips my conscience bare,
It’s witchcraft!”


He’s singing about how irresistible a certain woman is, that her affect over him is so powerful that she must be using magic. You can listen to the full song here:



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Pronunciation of ‘Come-Hither’


/ˌkʌm ˈhɪðər/




Sources: Definition of ‘Come-Hither’, Definition of ‘Hither’

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