Are you looking for another word for ‘celebrate’? If you’re tired of the beginner-level ‘celebrate’ synonyms that you’ve been using for ages—words like ‘party’—keep reading! In this post, you’ll learn 6 advanced English ‘celebrate’ synonyms with visuals and example sentences. These celebration words are advanced, but they are known and frequently used by native English speakers. At the end of this ‘celebrate’ thesaurus, I challenge you to use at least one of these ‘celebrate’ synonyms in a sentence in the comments. Can you do it? I believe in you!




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First of all, what is the definition of ‘celebrate’?


The definition of ‘celebrate’ in the Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries is: to show that a day or an event is important by doing something special on it.


Here are just a few examples of celebrations:


We celebrate birthdays by having cake and giving presents.



My mother celebrated passing the CPA exam by playing the song “Celebration” on repeat, and then going out dancing all night.



Catholics celebrate the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi by taking their animals to the church to have them blessed.



Americans celebrate their Independence Day with parades, concerts, and by setting off fireworks.



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Some people celebrate anniversaries by taking quiet weekends away, just the two of them.



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If you got a great job offer, how would you celebrate? Tell us in the comments!


Celebrate Synonym 1: REVEL


If you go out reveling, you spend time enjoying yourself in a noisy, enthusiastic way. Someone who revels is called a reveler.


Example sentence: Let Josh sleep in a bit. He was out late last night reveling all over town.


1 - celebrate-synonym-celebrate-thesaurus-REVEL-meaning-Next-Step-English



Celebrate Synonym 2: LIVE IT UP


This idiom has such a joyful feel to it. I love it!


When you live it up, you enjoy yourself in an exciting way, usually spending a lot of money.


Although this idiom does usually imply that you spend a lot of money, it doesn’t have to. Sometimes we use it to refer to enjoying yourself in an extravagant way, which doesn’t need to be expensive. My friend lives in California, and we live it up whenever she comes back to Washington to visit. However, since we’re both budget-conscious, we live it up by wearing outlandish clothes, eating outrageous amounts of Goldfish crackers, and playing Bananagrams until the wee small hours of the morning.


What does OUTLANDISH mean?

outlandish = strange or extremely unusual


Example sentence: I can’t believe the semester ends tomorrow! Let’s live it up this weekend!


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2 - celebrate-synonym-celebrate-thesaurus-LIVE-IT-UP-idiom-Next-Step-English


Celebrate Synonym 3: PAINT THE TOWN RED


This is another fun idiom with a joyous feeling. Oftentimes, I like to imagine the literal image that the idiom portrays. Can you imagine actually painting a town red? I’m sure you’d get arrested before you finished painting the first building! 😋


When you paint the town red, you go to a lot of different bars, clubs, etc. and enjoy yourself.


Example sentence: This is going to be a bachelor party for the history books! We’re going to paint the town red!


3 - celebrate-synonym-celebrate-thesaurus-PAINT-THE-TOWN-RED-idiom-Next-Step-English


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Celebrate Synonym 4: REJOICE


This is more general than some of the other synonyms in this ‘celebrate’ thesaurus. When you rejoice, you express great happiness about something.


You can use rejoice by itself, or you can rejoice at something.


Example sentence: Saying we were happy is an understatement. We positively rejoiced when dad told us he found a kidney donor.


4 - celebrate-synonym-celebrate-thesaurus-REJOICE-meaning-Next-Step-English


Celebrate Synonym 5: CAROUSE


This is another fantastic word! Part of why I love it is that some people (not all!) use it in a disapproving way. (Imagine a wife who’s angry that her husband spends more time drinking and having fun with his friends than working around the house or being romantic with her. She might angrily accuse him of carousing.) Because of that, if you want to be cheeky or playful, this word is a great option for talking about your celebrations!


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If you are carousing, you are spending time drinking alcohol, laughing, and enjoying yourself in a noisy way with other people.


Example sentence: I’ve never been so happy as when I was in Malaga with Jessica. We spent each day discussing philosophy under the Spanish sun, and each night carousing with the locals.


5 - celebrate-synonym-celebrate-thesaurus-CAROUSE-meaning-Next-Step-English


Celebrate Synonym 6: KICK UP YOUR HEELS


This idiom related to celebrating is just about the exact opposite of ‘carouse’. Instead of drinking and laughing, when you kick up your heels, you are relaxed and enjoy yourself. Let’s face it, sometimes kicking up your heels is the best way to celebrate! After a long week at work, I’d much rather kick up my heels on the weekend than paint the town red. To me, that’s the best way to celebrate the weekend!


Example sentence: I am so looking forward to my birthday this year! Angela is taking me to the beach, and we’re going to kick up our heels for the week.


6 - celebrate-synonym-celebrate-thesaurus-KICK-UP-YOUR-HEELS-idiom-Next-Step-English


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High five! You’ve made it through your visual ‘Celebrate’ Thesaurus! What now?


You will remember these celebration words better if you use them, so I challenge you to try to fit them into your English conversations this week.


Not sure where to start? Begin by making a sentence with one of these new vocabulary words in the comments. I’ll read whatever you post there. 😊




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