belt something out

(informal) to sing a song very loudly



Two Example Dialogues Using ‘Belt Out’


🙂: How do you like living with Kim?

😅: She’s a lot of fun. Except, that is, when she thinks it’s a good idea to belt out jazz standards in her bedroom at 5:00 AM! I need to talk to her about that…


😂: Can you go bang on the bathroom door? Walter has been in there belting out showtunes for the past twenty minutes, and I can barely hear myself think!

🤨: You bet I will! He’s going to use up all the hot water before I get the chance to take my shower!



Examples of ‘Belt Out’ from the News


“Thousands of Hong Kong people belted out protest karaoke in shopping malls in the latest act of resistance in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.”
– AP World News, Belting out karaoke is Hong Kong’s new protest method”, 11 September 2019


“A South African Uber driver who loves belting out arias at full volume for his passengers has found fame and a career in opera — thanks to a viral video of a performance in his cab.”
– Mohammed Allie, “The South African Uber driver singing his way to opera fame”, 10 July 2019



Special Notes on the Word ‘Belt Out’


How do you feel when you sing something at the top of your lungs? Depressed? Bored? Probably not. The phrasal verb ‘belt out’ often implies joy and exuberance, and for that reason, it’s one that often makes people smile.

Exuberance? That's a big word...

Yes, it is! This is a great word to use on the TOEFL or the IELTS, although it’s also one that you will hear on the news and occasionally in conversation.

exuberance = the quality of being full of energy, excitement, and enthusiasm


What songs do you enjoy belting out? Personally, I looooove belting out Irish pub songs! I’ve never been to Ireland, but I belt out those songs in my car all the time!


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Pronunciation of ‘Belt Out’


/belt aʊt/




Sources: Definition of ‘Belt Out’, Definition of ‘Exuberance’

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