Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a world where we were always happy to see the people around us? Alas, that’s not my life, and I doubt it’s yours either. In fact, we’re saying—or thinking 😉—”Go away!” so often that having just one phrase isn’t enough sometimes. If you need another way to say go away, keep reading. You’ll learn 10 synonyms for go away, complete with an infographic! By the end of this post, you will have lots of ways to say…



But wait…It doesn’t end there!


Instead of doing a normal vocabulary quiz this time, I’ve created a separate dictation exercise to help you reinforce these words. I’m trying out something new doing this, so I’d really appreciate the feedback. If you like the dictation exercise, let me know in the comments so I can do more for you!





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We’re starting off with one of my all-time favorite words in English: vamoose! First of all, it just sounds funny. And it starts sounding even funnier when you learn the word’s origin.


This English word started its life as the Spanish “Vamos!”, which means “Let’s go!” How vamos became vamoose, I have no idea, but I personally find this transformation hilarious.


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Well, I don’t think I’m the only one who finds this word funny because it’s always got a playful tone. When you tell someone to vamoose, you’re telling them to go away quickly, and you’ll probably have a smile on your face as you say it.


Cuthbert: Hey, vamoose, before my mom sees you! I’m grounded, and she’ll kill me if she finds out I had friends over!








Similar in meaning but different in tone is scram. If you say “Scram!“, you’re telling someone to go away right now.


We often say this to someone who is being a nuisance, like a pesky little brother who won’t stop talking during your TV show. However, we can also use this playfully. For example, if my husband is trying to kiss me while I’m busy writing a blog post, I might smile at him and tell him to scram. (And yes, this actually happens…quite a lot! I’m lucky to have an affectionate hubby! 💚)

Bonus vocab: NUISANCE


Bonus Vocab: PESKY




Annabelle: Scram! I don’t have time for your practical jokes right now! I’m studying for a test.



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GO AWAY SYNONYM 3: Skedaddle!


Skedaddle means to go away quickly, especially in order to avoid someone. Like vamoose, it’s always said playfully.


I’m not alone in adoring this synonym for go away. One of my favorite Twitter teachers, Suzanne of @DazzleEnglish, had this to say:




Suzanne: Let’s skedaddle before Rufus comes back and regales us with another tale of his womanizing exploits!








When you tell someone to scoot, you’re telling them to go away quickly.


Alfred: Scoot, or you’re going to be late for work!





GO AWAY SYNONYM 5: Get lost!


All of the go away synonyms above could be playful, depending on your tone and the situation. This one isn’t.


Get lost!” is something you say when you’re annoyed or angry with someone for pestering you to do something that you don’t want to do. It’s another way of saying, “I’m not going to do what you want, so go away!” (In other words, it’s a way to say “F#@% off!” without using any curse words.)

Bonus Vocab: PESTER



Ronald: Come on! How do you know you won’t like kissing me if you’ve never tried it?
Lacey: I’ve already told you I’m a lesbian, but you won’t stop pestering me! Get lost, okay?!




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Beat it is another way to say go away immediately.


William: I think I hear the cops! Beat it!




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GO AWAY SYNONYM 7: Make yourself scarce!


When you say, “Make yourself scarce!“, you’re saying, “Go away and stay away for a little while!” We especially use this if we want the person to go away in order to avoid an unpleasant situation.

Bonus Vocab: SCARCE




Vanessa: Mrs. Dalloway is coming back, and she’s going to want to know where your homework is. Quick, make yourself scarce!






GO AWAY SYNONYM 8: Take a hike!


Like get lost, we reserve take a hike for when we’re angry or annoyed with someone and we want them to go away. It’s a bit rude, but it’s another way to avoid saying, “F%#@ off!


Petunia: Don’t you ever speak to my child that way again! Take a hike, bozo!

Bonus Vocab: BOZO







GO AWAY SYNONYM 9: Go fly a kite!


Alternatively, you could tell someone to go fly a kite, which is a way of saying, “Go away and stop annoying me or interfering!


Ethel: You know, I couldn’t help but noticing some tension between you and Miranda—
Randy: No offense, Ethel, but go fly a kite. My relationship with my girlfriend is none of your business.




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GO AWAY SYNONYM 10: Never darken my door again!


This go away synonym is old-fashioned. So old-fashioned, in fact, that we only use it now to be playful or humorous. It sounds incredibly dramatic, and this just adds to the fun.


Never darken my door again!” is another way to say, “Go away and never come to my home again!” If we said this nowadays, we would be joking.


Curtis: You don’t happen to have any Scotch, do you?
Tim: I knew it! You’re not my friend, you’re just after my whisky! Be gone, false one, and never darken my door again!




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Infographic: Another Way to Say Go Away


Thanks for sticking it through to the end of this post! To thank you, I’ve created this infographic summarizing these 10 other ways to say go away. I hope it helps you!


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Don’t forget to go do the dictation exercise to reinforce these 10 ‘go away’ synonyms! You can find it here 👈😊


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