Languages are constantly evolving. Words change their meanings over the centuries, new words are adopted, and even the grammar itself can adapt to become more efficient. One of the most rapidly evolving aspects of a language is slang, and with the internet, this is true now more than ever.


My youngest sister, Emily, is 16 years younger than me. How much do you think American teen slang has changed in 16 years? I didn’t think it had changed that much, so when Emily suggested quizzing me, I agreed to let her push me in the pool each time I got a word wrong. That turned out to be the height of hubris.


What is hubris?

hubris = (noun) the fact of someone being too proud. In literature, a character with this pride ignores warnings and laws, and this usually results in their downfall or death.

Example: Max thought he was smarter than the police, and so he didn’t take precautions to hide his insider trading. At the end of the day, his hubris caught up with him, and he ended up doing jail time.



How do you think I did? Play along with me!



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The moral of the story?

A lot can change in 16 years!


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