My name is Jennifer, I’m an English teacher, and I love what I do!

Next Step English is here to help you speak English fluently…and to speak English beautifully.

I started Next Step English to help intermediate and advanced English learners take their English to the next level. I don’t want you to simply “get by” in English. I want you to surprise native English speakers when you converse with them.

On this site, our primary focus is on helping you understand and use the incredibly rich vocabulary of the English language. We also have posts to help you learn about culture, review grammar, practice American English pronunciation, and more. However, our main goal remains to help you build a formidable English vocabulary. All of our posts aim to introduce you to new vocabulary, even if the focus is on something else.

I don’t want you to be proficient. I want you to be proud.
And I don’t want you to simply memorize English vocabulary because it’s useful. I want you to delight in the strange and wonderful words that English has to offer.


English is like a sandwich. Grammar is the bread, which is necessary to hold the sandwich together. But vocabulary is the filling, which is what makes the sandwich so delicious.

In person, I have taught students from every continent except Australia and Antarctica. I treasure what I’ve learned from each and every one of them. I continue to teach small classes in the Washington, DC area, but I’m passionate about using the miracle of the internet to help people from around the globe learn English online.

I care about your success in learning English. That’s why I’ve created a community on Twitter, where you can interact directly with me and with fellow English learners, and where you can feel support and motivation to keep you going on your English journey. There are almost 9,000 of us now, and we’d love to welcome you to our English family. Here on the blog, never hesitate to post comments after a blog post, or email me if you’d like to see a post about a specific topic.

If you are ambitious in your quest to improve your English vocabulary, this is the place for you.


Welcome aboard, Stepper! You can do this!

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