Next Step English is here to help high intermediate and advanced English learners learn English online.

But I don’t want you to simply survive in English. I want you to express your true personality in your new language, and I want native English speakers to be surprised and delighted when they hear you.

By the way, my name is Jennifer! I’m your teacher here.

Fun Fact

I was born on June 9, which means that I share my birthday with Peter the Great, Johnny Depp, and Donald Duck.

Fun Fact

The very first Next Step English word of the day—the word that started it all—was bookworm. I posted that word to Twitter on August 3, 2015, and I’ve never looked back.

Fun Fact

So far, I’ve taught students from over 110 different countries. So cool!

Fun Fact

The name Jennifer comes from the name Guinevere, who was King Arthur’s queen. 👑

Learning English is a huge task, though, and I’m just one person (for now). So what is my focus? 

Vocabulary, my friend.

Learning English and not exploring the rich world of English vocabulary is like going to Paris and only eating at McDonald’s. Of course you can do that, but why would you?

Fun Fact

I met my husband Adrián at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC.

Fun Fact

We all have a few useless skills. One of mine is knowing a silly number of manias and phobias in English. Did you know that pentheraphobia is the fear of your mother-in-law? And rhinotillexomania is an obsession with picking your nose! 🤣

Next Step English has resources to help you with various aspects of learning English, but vocabulary is the heart of Next Step English because vocabulary is what helps my students—Steppers—stand out from the crowd.

I don’t want you to simply be a proficient English speaker. I want you to be proud. And I don’t want you to just memorize English vocabulary because it’s useful. I want you to revel in the weird and wonderful words that English has to offer.

I’m not talking about highfalutin academic vocabulary—in my experience, people who try to sound smart by using “big” words just end up sounding ridiculous. No. I’m talking about the words that native speakers know and use all the time, but that they almost never hear from someone with an accent.

💡 Quick Win. Try telling a native speaker that someone nabbed your seat, for example. This isn’t a “big” word, but I’ve never heard a non-native speaker use it. I would expect you to say that someone took your seat, or even stole your seat, but if you used nabbed, my jaw would drop.

If you are ambitious in your quest to master English vocabulary, this is the place for you.

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In person, I have taught students from all walks of life, from the professional soccer players of DC United (🖤❤) to inmates at my local jail through Fairfax County Public Schools, one of the best public school systems in the United States.

I’ve volunteered teaching English through my local literacy council, and I’ve also done extensive free Spanish-English translations for a law firm helping migrants obtain refugee status in the United States.

Helping English learners isn’t just a job for me, it’s my life. And I love it.

Before teaching English, I worked for seven years as a litigation paralegal. As a paralegal, I did a lot of professional editing, among other things. I even got to work on briefs that went to the US Supreme Court. Although the law was never my passion, I’m glad for the experiences I had there because now I’m an expert in legal English and business English. Woohoo!

Online, I am loving building the Next Step English community of online English learners. Between our email family and social media, there are almost 52,000 of us now, and you guys make me smile every single day with your passion, your humor, and your skill with this language I love so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me be part of your learning journey. It is the honor of my life.


Check out the blog for heaps of free resources, from phrasal verbs quizzes, to Halloween dictations, to a timeline on the history of the English language, and tons more.

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