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What we do

Learning English is a huge topic, but my focus with Next Step English is simple:
To help you navigate the weird and wonderful world of English vocabulary.
I want you to know—and use—the words that native speakers don’t expect you to know, I want you to learn how to be your true self in English, and I want you to experience joy in your learning journey.

Free Email Lessons

Each lesson comes with a story featuring heaps of native-level English vocabulary, a verb card showing you example sentences in all 12 tenses, bonus idioms, and a link to a blog post for further study.

Make these lessons part of your routine, and your vocabulary will skyrocket, I promise you.

Premium Resources

This is where you will find the best of Next Step English. You will gain access to exclusive materials for advanced English learning, such as Verb Packets, Stepper Libs (a hilarious vocabulary game), and Story Packets.

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Check out the Blog tab for dictations, words of the day, English tips, idioms and phrasal verbs galore, and much more. Enjoy!

If you have an idea for a future blog post—or if you’re a teacher and would like to guest post—feel free to send me an email from the Contact tab!


If you want to make learning English a habit in your daily life, social media is a great place to start. Follow me (and lots of other English teachers!) on Twitter to get vocab boosts throughout your day. If you want to think in English, you’ve got to keep English at the front of your mind. This is a fun way to do that.


Are you looking for a way to organize and save the English materials you learn? I can’t recommend Pinterest enough. It’s my favorite social media platform for language learning, and if you try it out, I’m sure you’ll love it, too. You can organize your content however you like, and revisit your boards often throughout the week. You can click here to follow me on Pinterest.


I’m new to Instagram, but I am having so much fun there! Join me for daily English vocabulary quizzes, which I post in my stories. In my feed, you will get more in-depth vocabulary posts, which will help you master specific advanced words and expressions. Follow me on Instagram to join in the fun! This is my most interactive social media platform.

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Between our email family and social media, nearly 80,000 people are learning English with Next Step English! Here’s what some of them are saying.

“Since becoming part of the Next Step English family, I’m proud of always having an ace up my sleeve. There’s always a word or expression I’ve learnt with NSE that makes me feel more fluent and just more natural when speaking.”


from Spain

“I’ve learnt many new words with Next Step English, and I think that broke the barrier to writing in English. I was surprised by the friendly style of the lessons and style of writing. These lessons aren’t like normal study lessons. They’re very useful, and you can learn something without stress. It’s a great time with English!”


from Poland

“When I discovered that I could hone my vocabulary in a different, funny way with a personalized email once a week, I didn’t hesitate to sign up. I’ve learnt in just two weeks more than in the whole year. These email lessons are going to help me a lot in order to improve the vocabulary I need for the C1 exam.”


from Spain

“I wish I had known about Next Step English sooner. Since joining Next Step English, I have been able to be more expressive in my speech and academic presentations at my workplace. I’m able to enjoy reading long articles and short novels, too.”


from Nigeria

Join Us!

Hi, I’m Jennifer

Thank you so much for popping in! I’m Jennifer, and I’m your teacher here at Next Step English. When I’m not nerding out on words, I like hiking, watching BBC murder mysteries, and eating indecent amounts of spaghetti. I live in Arlington, Virginia with my hunky husband, Adrián, and our fat little bulldog, Sancho Panza.


Like you, I’m a language learner. I’ve studied French and Ancient Greek in the past, and right now, I’m learning Spanish. So, I know exactly what you’re going through with English, and I’ve got your back. I like to think of myself as your English Momma Bear. :o)

a few popular posts

Not sure where to get started with the blog? I hear ya. Here are a few popular posts.

what steppers are saying

I’m passionate about helping people learn English, but you don’t need to take my word for it. Find out what our email family is saying.

“The main difference between an intermediate and an advanced English learner is their range of vocabulary, and there is where NSE makes the difference. By the way, it is Jennifer’s fabulous sense of humor that surprised me the most.


from Spain

“Next Step English has really helped me improve my level in English. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn new vocabulary or verbs. I’ve started using the verbs and understanding more words in context. I’ve also gotten comfortable with the structure of maddening sentences.”


from Mauritania

Since joining Next Step English, I’ve treated learning English like something fun. I cherish the quizzes because I enjoy challenging myself using new technologies. Thanks to these weekly emails, I read at least one text in English each week, and as you surely know, only learning constantly works. I’m so thankful for Next Step English. Thanks a million!”


from Poland

I’ve been studying English all my life, and I feel like I’m stuck. With Next Step English, I feel like I’m learning more real English, vocabulary and idioms of real life…and completely useful. At school it isn’t like that. In my daily life, I don’t need English to work or with friends, but I really like to understand movies, series and songs, for example. The email lessons about everyday topics help me with this. All these things make me wait anxiously for Jennifer’s emails.”


from Spain

“I’ve had an exciting experience learning and improving my English with Next Step English. Learning new vocabulary can be tedious, but Next Step English makes it interesting, entertaining and stimulating. Since joining this email family, I’ve learned new vocabulary, new expressions, and how to use verbs in all tenses.”


from Spain

“These lines aren’t enough to explain what being a member of the Next Step English family means to me. You’re not just a student, a subscriber or whatever. You’re part of the FAMILY and I promise that you’ll FEEL part of the family.


from Spain

“I’ve followed other English teachers online, but I always found them to be superficial, not offering actual content you can improve with. What I love about Next Step English is that I can learn rich new vocabulary and expressions that allow me to express myself better and let my real personality shine!


from Portugal

“When I finally tried the Next Step English weekly email lessons, I was enthralled and decided to be a hardcore fan since that day. The lessons contain useful vocabulary, with magnificent examples that help me remember their meaning. That proximity of Jennifer’s in the email lessons makes the whole thing really special.


from Spain

“Since joining the Next Step English family, my vocabulary has grown enormously, I’ve lost the fear to write, and my listening skills have improved dramatically. Before joining, learning vocabulary was boring and tough. I love the quizzes, all the adventures about Jennifer’s week, and her sweetness. There are so many things that I like about Next Step English. You never before had more for less. You’ll see your English improve in no time.


from Spain

“I’m teaching ESL and civics classes to adults in the U.S. and I’ve often relied on Next Step English to introduce new words to my English language learners. The ‘Verb Spotlight’ section is fantastic, including the free downloadable verb cards and idioms. Presenting the best, diverse and creative learning environment to my students is most important to me. Next Step English, thanks for helping me reach my goal!


from New Jersey (USA), Literacy Coordinator at Exploring English

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When you become a patron, you are also helping keep Next Step English running, and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Your patronage isn’t just a number to me. It’s a way for me to know that what I do is valued and appreciated. And that means more than you can possibly know.

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